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After finally escaping from the hospital, it's discovered that the ball game was actually scheduled for that evening — not that afternoon, as the guys had thought — and that Barney's boss had tickets for Fred and Barney to go, but because Barney was "sick," he gave the tickets away to someone else.

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The Flintstones Season 2

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To commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary which he only remembers because it falls on "Trash Day" , Fred wants to buy Wilma a Stoneway piano.

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They are inadvertently overheard by Fred and Barney and their plan backfires when Fred and Barney pretend to make plans to steal from a store to give Wilma and Betty mink coats.

Description: Fred and Barney go along with the arrangement, unaware that their wives are providing the lodging in return for music and dancing lessons.


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